BISA Licensing System Highlight

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A. Hands-on pre-launched support

BISA will assist in organizing your launch event with your designated team :

  • BISA will promote your school through social media and BISA’s website.
  • Penny the founder will attend your launch day, accompanied with a senior therapist to support the launch program.

BISA will also provide assistance through attendance and support of the launch event:

  • Promotion through social media and BISA’s website
  • Founder’s attendance on product launch day, accompanied with a senior therapist to support the launch program.

B. Training

Each module selected comes with training. Training courses are specifically tailored to allow trainers to have the required skill set to deliver quality training sessions.

  • Intensive Training at Bali Head Office

Your first training will be conducted at BISA’s founding location. This program is designed to accommodate up to 3 of your chosen tutors.

  • Annual Refresher Training

Annual refresher training will be conducted to keep BISA tutors updated with the latest changes in syllabus, while revisiting key areas of the training modules. This session will be conducted at Bali Head Office. Request for training at licensee’s premises may be considered, subject to availability of training facilities and mutual agreement of logistics arrangements.

C. Comprehensive course manual

SOP’s will include:

  • All student related SOP’s: Student Training Manuals – Tutor Training Manuals – Exam & Certification – Registration
  • All Administration SOP’s: Financial systems – Business Operating systems

D. On-going quality control including site visits

In order maintain the high-quality standards of the BISA license, we do yearly site visits, follow the student’s progress, ensuring high pass rates, ensuring the tutors skills are updated with regular training.

E. Value added support

Our value-added support is proof of our commitment to quality excellence. We want our partners to grow with us, to be part of our goodwill as the student’s choice school. To achieve that, we will provide you with what most course licenses wouldn’t – our operations know-how.

Comprehensive School Operations Manual
Proven Working Procedures: Seamless Operations from Day One.

ConfusingThe learning curve of running a Spa Academy / School / Training Centre can be costly in time and money, with every mistake made along the way accumulating to the total investment. This is a price that Business Partners need not pay if they choose to arrive at a set of proven and streamlined processes and procedures.

We will provide you with a comprehensive School Operations Manual – the crystallized effort of BISA’s extensive operating experience. Guidance from this manual allows you to operate as BISA does from day one – with effectiveness and efficiency.

Advisory Support

  • Equipment, Accessories and Spa Furniture Selection
  • School Design and Layout
  • Recruitment, selection and training
  • School staffing requirements, structure and expectation
  • If you wish to be a CIBTAC or VTCT accredited centre, we will provide guidance