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The licensing agreement will stipulate a number of obligations that are required for the licensee to fulfil as part of the BISA group. The following are some examples of the key terms of the licensing agreement, applicable for registrations in 2015.

Duration of Agreement 2 Years
Licensing Fee Based on package selected
Monthly Royalty 7% of Turnover (including 2% for Promotion Fund)
Premises The school’s location, furniture and decor should be in keeping with those of an up-market training operation
Conditions of services Trainers of BISA-licensed courses are expected to hold appropriate teaching qualification, and qualified through BISA’s Train-the-trainer course.
School Image The licensee may retain their own school image, however there must be clear BISA Branding.
BISA brand must be displayed prominently for BISA-licensed courses

I’m interested! How do I proceed from here?

Subject to varying local requirements, the following would serve as an indicative road map :


You are now a BISA licensee.
Intensive training will be scheduled immediately, and we shall now plan our product launch to give you a head start.

Frequently Asked Questions

The licensing fee you pay covers the training, course materials, and the support for product launching, tailored specifically for the program-based modules that you have opted.

The licensing fee also covers access to knowledge and support resources exclusive to BISA licensees throughout the tenure of the license. Licensees will be provided a copy of the school operations manual, a comprehensive compilation of BISA’s experience and know-how in the industry.

Each BISA licensee is at least 300 Kilometres away from each other. This will allow each BISA licensee to enjoy equal opportunity in selling their BISA courses.
Royalty will be calculated based on percentage of turnover of BISA courses. Royalty payment is payable on a monthly basis, due on the first week of each following calendar month.
Absolutely not! Our royalty already includes a 2% allocation for Promotion Fund. However, if local regulations require us to disclose promotion funds, we will provide a breakdown of promotion and non-promotion elements on our royalty charges.
You will be provided support throughout the tenure of the license agreement.
We have allocated resources for each of our licensees, in providing advisory support to address concerns of school operations. This covers the pertinent areas of school layout , human resources, and furniture and equipment procurement decisions.