Bali BISA Award and Achievements

Marketing Marketing Achievement

Recognized as a global leader in the Spa training industry, we pride ourselves on our achievements and those of our students. In our nearly 10 years of existence, we have quickly established our place as one of Asia’s leading spa training schools. While we are very proud of our growing reputation for excellence in spa training, we prefer to let our students and various international awards do the boasting.

Our students are our proudest achievement as so many continue on to have successful careers in the spa and aesthetics industries. Some come to us with limited confidence and leave full of enthusiasm. Those who came with existing experience, often were able to market their expanded skill sets into more lucrative therapist positions. Graduates from our management program often move up the corporate ranks quickly or even start their own businesses.

Founder, Penny Ellis, said “Myself and team are all very proud of what we have accomplished during the last several years and fully intend to keep introducing cutting edge wellness modalities to sustain our role as an accomplished spa and wellness school.”

We share below some of our most notable accolades.

BISA won the prestigious CIBTAC/BABTAC awards in 2016

  • Finalist CIBTAC Student of the Year
  • Semi-Finalist CIBTAC Centre of the Year
  • Finalist Best Social Media Campaign
  • Finalist Marketing Strategy Campaign


Latest Awards

Winner – Bali BISA
CIBTAC Centre of the year 2015

Founder, Penny Ellis, was thrilled that the hard work by she and her dedicated team has been acknowledged by so many industry peers. She is so grateful for the support of her talented trainers, loyal support staff, enthusiastic students, friendly models and CIBTAC’s expert guidance during the past 10 years

Finalist – Ni Putu Sukarmiwati
CIBTAC Tutor of the Year 2015

Wati is one of Bali BISA’s most beloved trainers as evidenced by the heartfelt testimonies from so many of her students. She is passionate about training to the highest professional level which is why she was selected to become a CIBTAC trainer when she first joined Bali BISA over four years ago. She possesses such a kind, yet disciplined manner, always keeping in mind the individual needs of so many diverse students.

WINNER – Tjokorda Istri AG. Puspita Dewi
CIBTAC Student of the Year 2015

Serious about starting a new spa career in Europe, Dewi breezed through the CIBTAC Level 3 Diploma in Spa Therapy with Anatomy and Physiology. She is excited about where her training at Bali BISA will eventually take her. Wherever she goes, her strong Balinese roots will be part of her gracious and sincere approach towards caring for her customers.